Who we are



It all started with three friends playing a browser game together full of passion. Inspired by the idea of developing their own game, they teamed up and developed a game in their free time that they would love to play themselves. This is how the fantasy strategy game “Xhodon” was created. The players were so amazed that in 2008 the friends decided to found their own company: Trollgames GmbH was born!

At the foot of the Alps, Trollgames develops and operates online games for players from all over the world, with a focus on Europe and North America. Every day the Trollgames team is looking for the fascination of gaming fun. What inspires the players? What is the real fascination that makes us so happy to play? Which ways lead to fun and which emotions are triggered by these experiences?

In a familial team atmosphere, the Trollgames staff passionately improves the existing games on a daily basis, with the goal of making the players happier and happier, and to awaken and encourage their enthusiasm. And when it’s time to develop a new game, everyone freaks out again!